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Julie Universal Car Emulator – version 96






199 TND










What is Julie Emulator?

Julie Emulator is a wide-use, incredibly powerful tool for replacing (emulating) original signal of electronic components.

With Julie you can:
– replace or remove original immobiliser signal
– replace a damaged ESL/ELV signal
– replace a damaged passenger seat occupancy sensor signal
– perform instrument cluster diagnostics

In over 10 years Julie Emulator has gained the reputation of a trusted remover of car immobilisers.

You probably know how expensive it is to fix a damaged ECU, replace lost keys, locks, ignition switches etc.

The costs of these repairs may sometimes be counted in thousands of euros!
With Julie, the costs of repair may not exceed the cost of the emulator!

Do you want to see how easy it is to use Julie Emulator?
Watch our video tutorials on YouTube showing how to use the emulator.
CarLabImmo Technical Channel:

We constantly improve Julie Emulator.
Thanks to this, as of today, Julie supports a few thousands of the most popular car ECUs in thousands of models, including the latest ones!

For full ECU list and manual, go to